Seven Things Never to Do When Pressure Washing Your Home


Are you considering pressure washing in Cordova, AL? This simple yet effective service is an excellent way to keep your home looking its best. However, it presents several challenges that require expertise and experience to navigate safely.

If you are a homeowner trying to give your home a deep cleaning, consider this professional advice from the Lance Pro Wash team before you begin. We list seven things never to do as you prepare to pressure wash your property.

#1 Throw Out the Manual

No matter the make or model, it is always a good idea to thoroughly read the manual before you begin using a power washer. Each machine works differently and requires care to achieve the preferred results. Without extensive knowledge of how it works, you could easily damage your property, put yourself at risk, or render your cleaning ineffective.

#2 Underestimate Safety Concerns

Even if you have done the work before, it is essential to use all the safety gear needed to protect yourself. For your safety, use the following equipment while cleaning:

  • Safety goggles
  • Nonslip shoes
  • Grip gloves
  • Hearing protection
  • Long sleeves and pants

If you are going above ground level, you should use a safety harness. However, professionals do not recommend cleaning upper levels or a roof without proper training because high-pressure water can cause falls and slippery surfaces.

#3 Leave Electrical Connections Unprotected

You must inspect the exterior of your home for any electrical connections before you attempt pressure washing in Cordova, AL. Is each one thoroughly sealed and protected with caps and covers before water touches it? Disregarding this step can cause fires, electrocution, and more.

#4 Turn Up the Pressure

Electric pressure washers can cause significant damage at high settings. Start with the lowest possible setting and work your way up. Pressurized water can strip paint, cause dents, or blow away more fragile parts of the house.

#5 Blast Windows or Corners Directly

At high pressure, windows break, and fragile building materials shatter. It is best to protect these features before pressure washing. If you direct the water at corners, you will likely also end up soaking wet or hurt by flying debris.

#6 Forget the Chemicals

A deck, driveway, and many other surfaces around the home require the right chemicals for a bright, effective clean. Professional pressure washing works with these elements daily. Trust us; water pressure alone is not enough.

Always read the instructions thoroughly to eliminate the hazards of using cleaning chemicals.

#7 Start Too Close

How do professionals achieve the most effective cleaning without causing damage? We start in the right place. Try standing several feet away from the surface to protect yourself and the material. Start low, slow, and far away, working your way up to maintain control.

Try Lance Pro Wash Instead

These seven items are only the start of achieving beautiful, safe results with pressure washing. It can help you eliminate damage and remove dirt while safeguarding yourself by staying in control of the machine.

Alternatively, call Lance Pro Wash at +1 205-544-6262 today for safe, effective pressure washing in Cordova, AL.

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