While your home will perform its primary function of keeping you and your family safe from outside elements, unsightly grime will inevitably gather on the exterior. Unfortunately, most homeowners underestimate the issues that a layer of dirt and dust can cause for their property; namely, they make ideal environments for algae, lichen, and mold growth.

Uncontrolled accumulation of mold and other organisms can negatively impact the stability of your home as a whole, create health problems in the occupants, and many other poor outcomes.

Thankfully, Lance Pro Wash offers all clients expert exterior house washing so that you can keep your home clean and your family healthy.

Benefits of Regular House Washing


Rust Removal

Constant exposure to outside elements can easily make metal start to rust. Not only is rust ugly to look at for you and your neighbors, but it eats away at the exterior of your home, reducing its effectiveness at keeping you safe.

Rust becomes harder and harder to remove the longer you allow it to spread uncontrolled; luckily, regular house washing ensures that your home stays clear of blemishes.


Improved Curb Appeal

Neighbors tend to take notice of the state of your home’s exterior, and most don’t want their properties to be the neighborhood eyesore. Instead, make your home the envy of your community with the help of our expert pressure washers.

With the regular maintenance and house washing Lance Pro Wash provides, you can rest assured that your home will continue to look beautiful for a long time to come.


Protects Your Family’s Health

When things like mold or algae start to grow in your home, it presents a severe health risk to you and your loved ones. While they both weaken the household as a whole, making catastrophic structural damage more likely over time, they also present a risk to a person’s physical health because of hazardous particles released into the air.

These particles will saturate the air around your home, with your family breathing them into their lungs. Typically, doing so causes respiratory issues or exacerbates existing ones and potentially creates other health issues like red eyes, runny nose, or headaches.


Maintains Property Value

Having professionals clean your home regularly helps maintain the property’s value while it is off the market. Several things can affect the price your residence goes for if you ever decide to sell it and the condition of the exterior is one of them.

Generally, the less work a new owner has to do to make your home livable, the more your home will be worth. There’s no quicker demonstration of the quality of a home than the cleanliness of its exterior.

House Washing

Why Choose Lance Pro Wash for Your House Washing Needs?

Here at Lance Pro Wash, we understand how critical the condition of your home is to your continued comfort. That’s why our workers will use top-of-the-line cleaning products to remove dirt and other grime from the exterior while also getting the gutters cleaned to avoid unsightly water damage.

Contact Lance Pro Wash at 205-544-6262 and schedule your free consultation today!

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