Keeping your business’s exterior nice and clean is vital if you want to keep customers marching through your doors. However, cleaning commercial building exteriors can be taxing and time-consuming if you don’t have the proper tools or training. Luckily, Lance Pro Wash can rejuvenate your commercial building with our excellent building washing services to save your time and stress.

Lance Pro Wash is a leading building cleaning and washing company. We’ve helped countless businesses reach their full potential with our superior exterior building cleaning, giving us the experience we need to rejuvenate your building’s exterior. If you’re looking for a reliable team of cleaning experts that can take your commercial building to incredible new heights, Lance Pro Wash is for you.

Benefits of Commercial Building Washing


Increased Curbside Appeal

Mother nature isn’t too kind to commercial businesses. All sorts of dust and grime build up on your building’s exterior over time, driving away potential customers and diminishing its curbside appeal. Lance Pro Wash increases your business’s curbside appeal by washing away all the unsightly muck from your property using the best pressure washers and cleaning supplies on the market today, making it more welcoming to your customers. 


Improves Safety and Hygiene

Scruffy buildings are safe havens for all sorts of hazardous mildews and molds, putting your employees and customers at risk. Lance Pro Wash rids your building’s exterior of dangerous bio growth while enhancing its visual appeal. You can say goodbye to troublesome exterior molds and mildew, thanks to Lance Pro Wash’s team of skilled building cleaners.

Saves time and money

Saves Time and Money

At Lance Pro Wash, we offer expert commercial building washing at a fraction of the price of our competitors. We keep our prices low, so our clients can get more bang for their buck. We hope to improve our wonderful Smith Lake community by offering professional building cleaning at a price that fits nearly any small business owner’s budget. When obtaining our services, you’ll never have to deal with pushy salespeople or dishonest contractors that only care about increasing their profits.


Prolong the Life of Your Commercial Property

Keeping your business’s exterior in tip-top shape is a surefire way of prolonging its lifespan. Lance Pro Wash can extend your property’s longevity with unmatched power washing and commercial cleaning. We eliminate any harmful substances that can deteriorate your business while giving you the knowledge you need to maintain a beautiful exterior.

commercial property pressure washing

Why Choose Us?

Lance Pro Wash provides the best commercial building washing services in all of Cullman, Winston, and Walker County. We offer high-quality exterior building washing at a price that can’t be beaten. Your satisfaction is always our number one priority, and we will do everything in our power to exceed your expectations with our unmatched cleaning services and customer care.

Take your commercial building to the next level with Lance Pro Wash’s superior building washing services. Give us a call at 205-544-6262 for reliable building washing that prioritizes you and your small business. Get in touch with Lance Pro Wash today.

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