Summers in Alabama are hot enough to make a pool a welcome asset. However, pool decks and patios are notorious for harboring moss, mildew, and algae because of their constant exposure to water. Pool deck cleaning is essential if you want your home’s pool area to remain clean and welcoming to friends and family.

If you’re still cleaning your concrete pool deck with a garden hose, prepare for mildew and fungal growth during Alabama’s hot summer months. Many standard household cleaners can’t dissolve thick dirt, mud, and grime on decks and patios, so you may have to repeat the lengthy cleaning process sooner than you expected. Even if you don’t host many gatherings, pool deck cleaning is essential in maintaining your property’s curb appeal and market value.

Our expert cleaners at Lance Pro Wash have years of experience cleaning all types of pool decks, patios, and residential exterior surfaces. We also clean commercial properties whose owners leave us hundreds of five-star reviews on forums and independent websites. Call us today, and we’ll ensure that your pool deck is ready for your summer barbecue, baby shower, or pool party.

Why You Need to Clean Your
Pool Deck in Alabama


Stops the Spread of Disease and Bacteria

Unsanitary pool decks can be home to a thousand different types of fungi and disease-carrying bacteria. Because most pool activities happen in the summer, microorganisms can grow unchecked on a cracked pool deck or in unattended puddles.

Sometimes, bacteria and fungi can seep between the wood-plastic composites, granite slabs, and bricks on your pool deck, creating an unsafe space for your guests, children, and pets. At Lance Pro Wash, we use low-residue and nature-friendly cleaners combined with industrial-strength pressure washers to eliminate all fungal and bacterial growth on your pool deck.


Boosts Curb Appeal

Periodic pool deck cleaning ensures that your home keeps an orderly and well-groomed appearance, which is essential to making a striking first impression. Poor sanitation and upkeep can turn off guests, family members, and real estate appraisers if you’re planning to put your house on the market. We entertain numerous calls at Lance Pro Washing from homeowners who want to get a better price on their home or prepare it for a future gathering.


Prevents Slip and Fall Accidents

Engineers and architects build pool decks to withstand moisture all year-round. If you don’t maintain it periodically, bacteria and algae will soon grow on stagnant water, leading to slippery areas that can cause injury. Keep your guests, pets, and children safe by having professional cleaners maintain your pool deck and patio regularly.


Prevents Deck Erosion

Many residents from Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, and the like have vacation homes in Smith Lake. If you’re one of them, or if you’re planning to leave your home for a long time, unchecked fungal growth and environmental hazards can cause your pool deck and other exterior surfaces to erode. Our professional cleaners will prolong your pool deck’s lifespan, saving you thousands of dollars in remodeling costs.

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Get Professional Pressure Washers to Clean Your Pool Deck Today

Lance Pro Wash is the leading pool deck cleaning and pressure washing company in Cullman, Walker, & Winston County AL. Call us today, and we’ll give you a free, no-obligation estimate.

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