Dumpster Pad Cleaning

Due to their often unpleasant smell and aesthetic, dumpster pads must remain separated from buildings. Unfortunately, this reality leads to months of exposure to the elements and waste material that leaks or falls to the ground. Therefore, we recommend these areas receive dumpster pad cleaning services to prevent unhealthy and unattractive dirt and grime buildup.

Office buildings, businesses, and residences are all subject to state and local ordinances that demand appropriate levels of property cleanliness. Further, tenants, clients, or residents deserve spaces free from disgusting garbage buildup that can occur at dumpster pad sites.

With Lance Pro Wash, we provide the highest level of dumpster pad cleaning services to our customers. Regardless of how long the area has gone without cleaning, our dedicated team of professionals knows just what it takes to have these areas looking new again.

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Why Use Lance Pro Wash?

Dumpster pad cleaning is a difficult task for anyone, so the dumpster area often remains overlooked or neglected due to the nature of its purpose. However, you must maintain these areas to present a building or business as upstanding—as clients often make judgments based on the outward appearance of your business, property, or residence.

Neglecting dumpster pad areas can cause further damage to properties as dirt and grime buildup damages the concrete where it rests. In addition, this damage can spread from these areas, impacting the larger parking lot’s structural integrity, look, and safety. Finally, this damage demands expensive repairs that impact the financial viability of the property.

More Reasons for
Dumpster Pad Cleaning


Liability for Accidents

Property managers and owners alike are liable for any accidents that occur due to dirty dumpster pads. In addition, liquids such as oil and contaminated water can create potentially dangerous slip zones for employees or patrons who walk near these areas. Therefore, we highly recommend dumpster pad cleaning to avoid slippery gunk that contributes to slip hazards.

Pests and Vermin Around Dumpsters

Pests and Vermin Around Dumpsters

Dumpsters become incredibly susceptible to infestations from pests. Food waste that accumulates in dumpsters attracts vermin that cause damage to the property and make using the dumpster dangerous due to the possible spread of disease. Citations exist for properties that do not clean dumpster pad sites, as they pose a significant health risk to people who live or work close to them.


Unclean Dumpster Pads Have Foul Odors

Dumpsters develop unpleasant odors over time. If not cleaned regularly, these odors become worse. In addition, the garbage that lies on the ground of these areas increases nasty odors due to exposure to rain, heat, and bacteria. If left untreated, these odors can impact the health and safety of the residents who live near them and increase the likelihood of citations from county health departments.

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