While your roof does the job of keeping you and any other occupants safe from outside temperature extremes and inclement weather, it takes the brunt of the damage. When your roof is exposed to elements such as rain and heat, it becomes the perfect environment for invasive organisms like mold, moss, and algae.

While those growths aren’t typically a problem in small amounts, letting them grow uncontrolled can quickly turn them into a severe health hazard. Luckily Lance Pro Wash is a professional roof cleaning company ready to keep all of our clients roofs in tip-top shape with thorough pressure washing.

Common Problems That Indicate
Your Roof Needs To Be Cleaned



Most algae thrive on the part of your roof that gets the most sun because it absorbs sunlight to nourish itself. Health risks aren’t as much of a problem, but that doesn’t mean they can be left alone. Roofs, particularly metal roofing, are built so that sunlight bounces out their surface, allowing your home to stay cool during the hotter parts of the year.

However, algae absorbs the sunlight instead, heating the interior and causing your AC to work that much harder to achieve the optimal temperature.



If the air around your home is particularly humid, your roof makes for a perfect place for mold to develop. As a fungus, it will release spores around your house that could create or exacerbate respiratory issues.



Roof cleaning is essential for getting rid of mildew because it has all the same problems as mold but grows at a much quicker rate. If not taken care of quickly, mildew can easily overtake the entire roof structure.


Lichens and Moss

Lichens thrive in damp, shaded areas better than other vegetation. The most damaging aspect of lichens is their tendency to root themselves around the roof’s shingles, making removal after they’ve fully grown difficult without damaging the roof.

Benefits of Getting Your Roof
Cleaned By Lance Pro Wash


Low Pressure

Our cleaners know how delicate a roof can be. That’s why they use low-pressure cleaning techniques and specially designed cleaning products to give your roof a deep clean without damaging it.


No Safety Concerns

While cleaning the roof on your own is possible, there are several safety concerns associated with doing so, namely falling from a great height. Allowing an expert to take care of your roof ensures your continued health.


Extended Roof Life Expectancy

Regularly and thoroughly cleaning the roof extends its lifespan several times over.


Increased Curb Appeal

A clean roof ensures that your home looks fantastic from the street, making it a bright spot in your neighborhood.

No Expensive Repairs Or Replacements

No Expensive Repairs Or Replacements

Lance Pro Wash pricing is upfront, honest, and affordable. We provide an inexpensive alternative to more costly roof maintenance.


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