Gas Station Cleaning

For convenience store owners and managers, keeping your store clean means a never-ending task. With the constant vehicle and foot traffic through the store and parking lot, dirt buildup occurs very quickly. The cause for this gunky and unsightly buildup stems from gasoline spills, oil leaks, grease, mold, mildew, food waste, and so much more. These pollutants and products can affect your business, potentially causing patrons to seek out cleaner locations.

To ensure you do not lose customers to competitors, we recommend investing in pressure washing services. Keeping the critical areas of gas stations and convenience stores clean will attract new customers and maintain loyal ones. Cleanliness is a proven attribute to successful businesses.

For professional gas station and convenience store cleaning, contact Lance Pro Wash today. Our dedicated experts specialize in cleaning gas pumps, buildings, and parking lots, using the latest advances in pressure washing equipment.

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Cleaning Experts

Our professional and qualified team takes great pride in removing dirt and debris from your property. Our expertise allows our clients to receive the premier cleaning service without worry of damage to your property. In addition, our commitment to customer service ensures we consistently deliver the highest quality work. Our services include removing oil leaks, gasoline, refuse, and other unsanitary items that create a dangerous and unhealthy environment for your employees and customers. We strive to make those tough stains disappear.

Cleaning Difficulties white

Cleaning Difficulties

Contaminants that build up at gas stations prove notoriously hard to remove. Diesel fuel, chewing gum, and motor oil require the proper equipment and expertise to remove without causing damage to the concrete or other surfaces. Lance Pro Wash has the tools, equipment, and knowledge to remove these stains without further damaging surfaces.

Proven Equipment and Methods white

Proven Equipment and Methods

Using top-of-line hot water pressure washing equipment, we aim to remove tough stains. Our methods and equipment allow us to clean gas stations and convenience stores thoroughly and within an allotted time window. To ensure little to no interruption for businesses, we perform most cleanings at night. To comply with local, state, and federal guidelines, our fully licensed contractors receive explicit training to remove stains from various grades of concrete. In addition, because concrete varies in its composition, it requires different cleaning methods to guarantee the best results. Our staff is well-versed in these practices that return surfaces to their original aesthetic without property damage.

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Our dedication to providing the ultimate customer service means we walk you through every step of the project. In addition, our transparent cost analysis means our customers know the costs before work begins, ensuring complete satisfaction when it comes to cleaning their business.

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