Commercial properties accumulate black chewing gum spots due to the high traffic they create. In addition, careless walkers often spit their chewing gum out on sidewalks, entryways, or parking spaces, leaving unsightly and hard-to-remove stains. The longer the stuck gum remains untreated, the harder it becomes to remove because of the chemical composition of the gum and the acidity of human saliva.

The black chewing gum spots left behind offer enough trouble on their own, but they also encourage more people to dispose of their gum in the same way. Additionally, seeing discarded gum makes people believe throwing their chewing gum on the ground is fine. Removing existing stuck gum and its stains eliminates the possibility of this unfortunate and inexcusable practice.

For removal of off-putting black chewing gum spots, contact Lance Pro Wash today! Our dedicated team has the knowledge, skills, and equipment to deliver effective gum removal service and free your exterior from these stains and any remaining gum, making it look new again!

Gum Removal Without
Causing Property Damage

Removing pesky, stuck gum spots is no easy feat. This task requires extensive knowledge of appropriate cleaning techniques unique to individual surfaces. If your property is experiencing issues with black chewing gum spots, contact pressure washing professionals to clean these surfaces without further damage to the property.

Using professional experts to remove black chewing gum spots from concrete surfaces protects the concrete from potential etching. This term refers to damage caused by poor power washing techniques used during cleaning. Unfortunately, etching damage is not repairable, so we recommend caution and expertise for working with these surfaces.

With help from Lance Pro Wash, you no longer have to use a butter knife or ice cube to scrape the gum off your sidewalks and walkways.

Where We Remove Chewing Gum

Seeing black chewing gum spots on your commercial property is a blemish on the overall aesthetic of your business. In addition, these spots create issues for employees and customers alike, as they often find their way to the bottom of shoes that are difficult and disgusting to clean. These issues will cause negative feedback from those people who come across these unfortunate spots.

Thankfully, Lance Pro Wash offers businesses the services to remove any potential for customers and employees getting black chewing gum on their shoes. Our industry experts have removed black chewing gum spots from numerous locations such as:

Free Estimates with
Lance Pro Wash

Without the proper knowledge, experience, and equipment, cleaning unsightly black chewing gum spots is an arduous task. Choose the professionals at Lance Pro Wash for your exterior cleaning needs. Our team will assess your gum removal project and provide a free estimate for your consideration.

When meeting with our team, we will walk you through every step of the cleaning process to ensure you receive the precise service you require. We also work with client’s timelines to accommodate and work around any scheduling conflicts the services may create. In other words, we work with you!

With our dedication to providing the pinnacle of customer service to our clients, we will complete any job with the quickness and professionalism that makes us the go-to exterior cleaning service in the area.

Need to hire someone for gum removal? Contact Lance Pro Wash at (205) 544-6262 for your cleaning needs today!

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