Construction sites are rampant with dust, dirt, and debris. These elements make post-construction clean-up a challenging process. Where some companies handle their post-construction clean-up, many others rely on professional cleaning services.

With Lance Pro Wash, our team lightens the burden of cleaning your construction sites with top-of-line equipment and methods that minimize turnaround time on your project.

Why Choose a Post-Construction
Clean-Up Service?

Post-construction clean-up can make for a dangerous and challenging exercise. Leftover building materials and debris create a hazardous environment for potential customers or employees. In addition, new construction sites require extensive experience for cleaning, as material such as concrete needs time to cure before using power washing equipment.

Clean-up crews that use strong chemicals or pressure washing equipment with too high pressure will cause damage to concrete—an expensive mistake to repair. With this knowledge, Lance Pro Wash trains our employees to take great care when performing post-construction clean-up.

Our pressure washing services include:

With our construction site cleaning experience, we strive to offer you the following services:


Efficient Cleaning

Lance Pro Wash takes care of all the cleaning needs required for post-construction clean-up. Mud, dirt, debris, and leftover material leave a construction site uninviting and dangerous. However, pressure washing techniques effectively remove dirt and debris from all surfaces. For areas that require sanitation or decontamination, we only use CDC- and EPA-approved chemicals.


Mobile Pressure Washing

Our mobile pressure washing system means we can take our cleaning expertise wherever it’s needed. Our trained personnel represent the premier clean-up crew for the Smith Lake, AL, area. Don’t trust the rest when we are the best.


Quick Service

We offer the best practices for post-construction clean-up services in the business. Our dedication to customer service means we work tirelessly and efficiently to finish your clean-up project as quickly as possible. Depending on the size and scope of your construction site, our clean-up time ranges from two to eight hours. However, we work with customers to coincide with necessary deadlines.



Business owners know the high cost of labor during construction work. Unfortunately, using existing labor can send these costs skyrocketing. Due to these expenses, many companies use professional cleaning services to handle their post-construction clean-up.

What To Expect With
Post-Construction Cleaning?

Taking care of post-construction clean-up is a messy job. As such, professional construction clean-up services include dedicated processes to handle this difficult task. At Lance Pro Wash, our method of cleaning follows these steps.

Rough Cleaning

Rough Cleaning

Our post-construction clean-up process begins with removing large debris, materials, rubbish, and other items left behind by the construction company. Removing these items allows the area to become a blank space where vacuuming and sweeping can remove loose dirt and debris. We also remove stickers left on windows and glass doors.

Full Cleaning

Full Cleaning

The second phase in the post-construction clean-up process consists of comprehensive cleaning that requires equipment and unique cleaning solutions. Our team cleans doors, walls, windows, sinks, toilets, and cabinets using these chemicals. We then tackle those hard-to-reach and forgotten areas such as corners, edges, and inner surfaces. We also vacuum and steam any carpet or upholstery necessary.


Final Cleaning

The final step of the post-construction clean-up requires our team to return to the construction site a few days later to clean any dust or debris that settled after the second phase. Final touch-up cleaning includes removing smudges on glass surfaces caused by fingerprints or other substances. However, this phase of the clean-up process is optional for our customers.


Let Lance Pro Wash Take Care of Your Post-Construction Cleanup

Our fully licensed and insured pressure washing company offers exceptional post-construction clean-up service in northern Alabama, and the surrounding areas. Our dedication to providing the ultimate in customer service has made us the go-to clean-up company.

For your post-construction clean-up needs, contact Lance Pro Wash at (205) 544-6262 today!

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