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Rust removal is a constant challenge for many Smith Lake property owners thanks to Alabama’s hot, humid summers. Rust forms when the moisture in the air interacts with iron and oxidizes it, turning metal furniture, fences, gutters, and other outdoor features an unsightly orange-brown color. If you have a metal garage door or store your car outdoors, those metal surfaces can be vulnerable to rust too.

But it’s not just metal surfaces – when the rust mixes with water, it can leave rust stains on many other surfaces, including the walls of your home, your driveway, and other concrete surfaces. If you notice rust forming on any surface of your home in Alabama call our professional cleaners at Lance Pro Wash for the best rust removal service. We’ve been keeping Alabama homes and residential properties rust-free for years.

Our Rust Removal Solution: F9 BARC

Sometimes, it may look like rust is a surface-level substance on your tools, roofs, and gutter guards. However, it can form in many areas of your northern Alabama home that you leave unchecked for years. For example, we receive rust removal requests for boilers, tool sheds, and external pipes.

Iron is still one of the most popular construction materials in America, and you can find it in nearly every residential structure. At Lance Pro Wash, we use an advanced zero-waste cleaning solution to remove rust from all your household surfaces.

F9 BARC or Battery Acid Restoration Cleaner removes 80% to 100% of rust stains on all types of iron alloys and surfaces. It’s non-flammable, non-abrasive, and 100% biodegradable. However, F9 BARC is similar to hydrochloric acid in toxicity, so we highly recommend leaving rust removal to professionals like us.

We Use F9 BARC to Remove:

Our Technicians Use F9 BARC to Remove Rust and Stains from Surfaces Like:

Why Trust Lance Pro Wash?


Fast and Effective Results

Our customers are commonly surprised by how fast and efficiently we work. All our rust removal professionals have the requisite equipment, safety training to handle chemicals, and knowledge of industry-standard practices so they can remove rust in the quickest and most cost-efficient way possible.


Curb Appeal

According to the Washington Post, 87% of real estate investors rely on pictures to gauge the value of a property. Curb appeal can not only improve the value of your house, but the neighborhood you live in as well. Our cleaning professionals can remove rust from walkways, roofs, and pool areas, making your home appear as good as new.


No Damage

If you leave rusted areas unchecked, it may cost you thousands of dollars in remodeling expenses. Anti-rust coatings will fade on wrought iron fences, gates, and electricity meters after some time. Our cleaning substances and techniques provide us with a 100% safety record for the properties we clean and the people who live in them as we restore their exterior features to brand-new conditions.

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Don’t risk further damage to your rusted household surfaces by using chemical cleaners that might corrode them or injure you. Call the rust removal experts at Lance Pro Wash today at 205-544-6262, and we’ll give you a free estimate.

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