Best Time to Pressure Wash Your Home


If you want to reduce or eliminate mold, mildew, and algae, you might want to consider pressure washing in Bremen, AL. Alabama’s warm and humid climate encourages mold and other organic matter to grow on your home’s exterior, and once it does, it spreads quickly. Removing it with pressure washing is an excellent solution that will enhance air quality and boost curb appeal at the same time.

The professionals at Lance Pro Wash recommend power washing at least once a year and more with certain factors. Continue reading to see when to call a professional so that you can schedule your next pressure-washing session at home.

Signs You Need To Schedule a Pressure Wash

When is it time to pressure wash your home? The following signs are a good indication:

  • Noticeable dirt, mold, or algae on the home’s surfaces
  • You experience a long winter or severe storm
  • Energy bills have risen unexpectedly
  • Residents or employees seem to be experiencing more severe allergies

If you cannot remember the last time you cleaned your exterior, it is best to schedule a professional cleaning. A company like Lance Pro Wash can help you clean your exterior, taking advantage of pressurized water and years of experience to ensure maximum cleaning power.

The Best Season to Pressure Wash

Alabama homeowners and businesses should pressure wash any time between March and November for optimal results. A warm, dry, and sunny day are helpful for high visibility and quick drying. Warm, sunny weather also improves the effectiveness of the cleaning.

Our professionals will cover large areas with water, and it is helpful when that water can evaporate as quickly as possible to keep the house clean for longer. Standing water causes mold, mildew, and algae growth, which will necessitate more regular pressure washing in Bremen, AL.

Consider The Location

As local professionals, we know property owners need to tackle mold and mildew head-on due to the Alabama climate. However, the specific location further affects your pressure washing needs. For example, the following factors could affect your decision:

  • Do you live near a construction site? Consider more regular pressure washing to handle airborne dirt and debris.
  • Are there large trees near the house? Pressure washing could prevent potential pest infestations, control bird droppings, and eliminate rotting debris.
  • Has there been a major storm? A thorough wash could bring your property back to life.

Consistent cleaning during Alabama’s pollen season can also reduce allergy symptoms. Chat with our exterior cleaning experts to learn how we use the perfect amounts of pressure for spotless results.

Contact Lance Pro Wash Today

Lance Pro Wash can handle all your pressure washing needs in Bremen and the surrounding communities in Alabama. We use state-of-the-art powered pressure washers for effective cleaning by a highly trained team. With over 10 years of experience and numerous satisfied customers, you can rest easy knowing we will enhance your property’s value and curb appeal without damaging anything.

Make the right choice and call Lance Pro Wash at +1 205-544-6262 today for an estimate on high-quality pressure washing in Bremen, AL.

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