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Dodge City, AL

Is It Worth It To Have Your Roof Cleaned in Dodge City, AL?

Over time, mold, algae, dirt, and other contaminants grow on your home, which can damage roof shingles and other materials. Routinely cleaning your roof is worth it for stain removal and mold prevention, which ultimately lead to a longer-lasting roof.

Residential and Commercial Roof Cleaning Services in Dodge City, AL

If you want your roof to last as long as possible while looking its best, you need to invest in professional roof cleaning in Dodge City, AL. Lance Pro Wash is Dodge City’s go-to team for professional roof and gutter cleaning because we use innovative soft-washing techniques to deliver stellar results every time.

Why Choose Lance Pro Wash

You need to hire a reputable team to make the most of your professional roof cleaning in Dodge City, AL. We’re Dodge City’s roof cleaners of choice because we offer:


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that you’ll love our work.


Customer Service

Our roof cleaners deliver outstanding customer service and communication every step of the way. 


Professional Equipment

We heavily invest in our equipment and cleaning solutions because you invest in your property by trusting us with your roof-cleaning needs. 

Benefits of Roof Cleaning in Dodge City, AL

Why bother with cleaning your roof in the first place? Here are some benefits you can enjoy by keeping your roof clean:


Increase home value

Property buyers like to see a clean roof free of mold and algae.


Protect it from damage

By keeping harmful contaminants at bay, you can reduce the need for roof repair later.

Saves time and money

Extend roof lifespan

Keeping the roof clean and in the best shape possible helps it last longer.

Our Soft Wash Roof Process

Instead of cleaning your roof using pressure washing, which involves high-pressure water, we use soft washing. Our meticulous soft-wash process combines biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions with low-pressure water to remove algae, dirt, mold, and anything else you don’t want sitting on your roof.

About Dodge City, AL

Spanning only 3.4 square miles, Dodge City has a population of 548 as of 2020. This city in Cullman County is perfect for those looking for a small town, but you can also take in the area’s natural beauty by visiting Dodge City Park. Here, you can take a quick hike, walk along a creek, and even take the kids to the playground.

If your tastebuds are craving local food, head to Pop’s Place Bar-B-Q or Jack’s Hamburgers.

How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost in Dodge City, AL

You can expect to pay between $325 and $566 for professional roof cleaning services in the Birmingham and Dodge City areas. How much you’ll actually pay for professional roof cleaning depends on various factors, like the size of your roof, its condition, and how high it is.

Get a Free Quote in Dodge City, AL, Today!

Our soft wash services can give you a better-looking roof. Call Lance Pro Wash at (205) 544-6262 to schedule a roof inspection and get your free quote for roof cleaning in Dodge City, AL.

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