Reasons to Clean Your Roof Instead of Replacing It

Roof Cleaning Cullman

Sometimes you need to replace your roof. Other times, all you need is a thorough roof cleaning in Cullman, AL. The team at Lance Pro Wash has the experience to help you tell the difference before you spend a fortune on replacements.

However, as a quick guide, cleaning is as effective as replacing when:

  • The roof is still in good repair
  • Discoloration or black streaks are an issue
  • The roof has few missing shingles or cracked tiles
  • You wish to remove algae
  • The roof is less than 25 years old

Now let’s go through the top five reasons to avoid extensive repairs by utilizing roof cleaning in Cullman, AL.

Extends Your Roof’s Lifespan

How can you extend your roof’s usable lifespan through routine cleaning in Cullman, AL?

  • It removes corrosive elements before they can do significant damage
  • The correct technique kills off organic growth that can degrade the surface
  • The process reveals minor defects that the grime may hide
  • May include gutter cleaning to ensure that rainwater drains away effectively

Protects Your Roof Warranty

Did you know that your roof’s warranty may be conditional on regular cleaning by professionals? Insurers also limit your coverage if you do not perform regular maintenance. This maintenance often includes annual, thorough roof cleaning services.

Sometimes, homeowners have to pay for their roofing replacement out of pocket because they don’t have proof of proper maintenance and thus are refused coverage.

Improves Curb Appeal

Even if you don’t belong to an H.O.A., you take pride in your home. Keeping it looking good from the outside is crucial to maintaining the property value. Regular rinses refresh the property’s exterior at a fraction of the cost of renovations.

Even if you’re not selling your home shortly, annual cleanings prevent stains from taking hold.

More Affordable than Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof costs thousands of dollars. This expense is sometimes unavoidable, but some homeowners take it on unnecessarily due to poor advice or misconceptions.

Our effective cleaning techniques make your roof look as good as new at a fraction of the cost. Our experienced team can give you the look of new roofing and help you ward off replacement for as long as possible.

More Convenient than Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof means clearing out your home and finding somewhere else to stay for the duration. It can take weeks for a roofer to complete the process depending on the weather. It’s a noisy and messy process that might annoy your neighbors.

By contrast, washing in Cullman means that you can:

  • Remain in your home throughout
  • Be done in as little as a day
  • Watch the “mess” rinse away almost immediately

Call Cullman’s Pressure Washing and Cleaning Professional Team Today

Lance Pro Wash is your leading provider for roof cleaning in Cullman, AL. Contact our team today at 205-544-6262 or through our website to get your free estimate, and then call around for a quote for replacements.

We know which option we’d pick, and we’d love you to see why by comparing prices.

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