How to Remove Algae From Your Roof 

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Removing algae is a common task when roof cleaning in Cullman, AL. Do you need tips on getting the best possible results for brightening exterior surfaces of your home and your roof? Then read on to learn more from the expert team at Lance Pro Wash.

Why Remove Moss and Algae?

Aside from looking unsightly, moss and algae:

  • Damage the surface as their roots burrow into it
  • Cause hot spots in your attic by absorbing sunshine during the day
  • Increase your cooling bills by retaining the absorbed sunlight

How to Remove Algae from Exterior Surfaces

  1. Mix up a diluted bleach cleaning solution to kill off the algae and remove the residue
  2. Try to cover prized plants with plastic so that the bleach will not kill them outright
  3. Keep your family and pets indoors while you head up to the roof
  4. Use a sturdy ladder to climb up
  5. Spread the bleach solution as evenly as possible across the affected areas
  6. Then move on to places without any growth
  7. Give the chemicals about 15 minutes to kill the algae
  8. You can engage in a touch of gutter cleaning exercises while you wait
  9. Rinse thoroughly to ensure your remove any residue
  10. Run the garden hose over any plants that may have come into contact with the bleaching agent
  11. Give your family the all-clear and let your pets out

That said, the Lance Pro Wash Team recommends hiring professional roof cleaning services instead. While highly effective, this method can be dangerous enough to land you in the emergency room. Also, if you damage the roof and attempt to claim insurance to fix it, the company may decline your claim because you inflicted the damage yourself.

Why You Should Hire a Pressure Washing Team Instead

Working with professionals usually ensures the best results. Other benefits of handing over roof cleaning in Cullman, AL, include:

  • Insurance: Reputable firms have full insurance in case someone falls off the roof while they’re on your property. The insurance will cover potential property damage and personal liability claims from the company’s side. Your insurer will also usually approve claims if you work with certified professionals.
  • Certification: A certified professional can access a range of products you cannot. They also have to have a certain level of knowledge to maintain their certification, so you can be sure their skills are up to date.
  • Experience: Working with something daily help you understand it extremely well. Pros make it look so easy because this is the work they do every day. They’ve seen roofs like yours and cleaned roofing much dirtier before.

Your Top Roof Cleaning Team in Cullman, AL

Hiring Lance Pro Wash to clean your roof is a definitive solution to algae. Our team applies decades of experience to achieve consistent results for our clients. We combine the best in equipment with top-notch, biodegradable cleaners that will not burn your plants, family, or you.

We offer gentle, efficient solutions for organic and inorganic issues affecting your roof’s aesthetics and undermining its structure. Call us at 205-544-6262 today to receive your free quote for roof cleaning in Cullman, AL.

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