Costly Mistakes from DIY Pressure Washing in Jasper, AL

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Pressure washing in Jasper, AL, provides you with an excellent way of cleaning your property’s exterior surfaces. However, the process isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. Without taking the proper precautions, you could place yourself and your property at risk.

Here are some of the costly mistakes DIY pressure washers often make.

Not Observing the Right Safety Measures

A trained pressure washer understands the dangers associated with pressure washing. As such, they will ensure they take the necessary safety precautions, wearing protective gear like:

  • Eyewear
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Long sleeves

However, this isn’t always the case when property owners attempt to pressure wash their property. As a result, many often expose themselves to the risk of injury.

Using the Wrong Equipment

Many homeowners don’t know what equipment is best for their pressure washing project. In most cases, they end up wasting money renting or buying equipment that delivers less-than-optimal results.

Using Too Much Water Pressure

Contrary to what you might think, pressure washing in Jasper, AL, involves more than blasting away contaminants with pressurized water. In fact, setting the pressure too high can result in costly property damage.

If you are new to pressure washing, you won’t know the right amount of pressure to use on various surfaces. Additionally, you won’t know the appropriate distance to create between the surface you are cleaning and the water output to prevent damage.

Not Using a Cleaning Solution

While using hot water is ideal for rinsing, pressure washing requires an appropriate cleaning solution to help increase the efficiency of the process.

On top of that, there are certain contaminants that water alone cannot kill. For instance, if your property’s siding has mold, using water will only redistribute it over the surface and worsen the situation.

To make it worse, some homeowners might compensate for the lack of a cleaning solution by increasing the water pressure.

Neglecting the Proper Cleaning Order

Yes, there is a right and wrong pressure washing technique.

If it’s your first-time pressure washing your property, you might be tempted to begin with the windows and then clean the siding. However, doing it this way will dirty your windows again, undoing all your hard work.

Compartmentalizing the cleaning might seem like a good idea, but it is highly inefficient. Professional pressure washers know the most efficient technique is to start at the top, working their way down.

Professional Pressure Washing Services in Jasper, AL

Fortunately, opting for professional pressure washing in Jasper, AL, helps you avoid these and more costly mistakes.

Are you looking for a pressure washing company with the expertise to offer quality services? Get in touch with Lance Pro Wash today and enjoy top-notch solutions that we guarantee will meet your pressure washing needs.

With more than 10 years of experience, we have what it takes to safely and effectively eliminate contaminants from your property’s exterior surfaces.

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